Blanco Oscuro - by St-Art Disseny

Blanco oscuro
by st-art disseny.

Established 2003

At “Blanco Oscuro” we believe things are not just black and white. We like shades. Talking. Thinking. Before starting a new job, we put different alternatives on the table and discuss them with the team.

We enjoy thinking. Turning each project into a set of possibilities and paths to resolve it in the best possible way. We like to study the different alternatives we find when performing blacksmithing, carpentry , welding, stand set up, window display or interior design projects.

Why? Because it might seem that our work is mechanical, but it is not. We enjoy ideas. We like bringing creativity into the projects we are part of.

Also by offering exclusive and personalized attention in which the ultimate goal is to turn our customer’s ideas into new ones, we provide original solutions and improve them.

Every job is different, we like that. We approach each project with the same enthusiasm and energy as if it was our first one and with the same dedication and experience as if it was our last one.

Where others see materials,
we see ideas

There are many materials (metal, iron, steel, wood …) we have to work with when designing, building or setting up all types of artistic, architectural and industrial projects.

In our work we combine handmade methods and techniques, along with the most modern machinery depending on the needs and desires of our customers.

Not only can we offer you our vast experience but also advise you by giving you the best value­market­price guaranteed.

Do not hesitate to ask us for a budget. We will be delighted to assist you and meet you.

Servicios - Blanco Oscuro by St-Art Disseny

Our work – ­what we do

Interior Design and decorating, window display ,projects to fit your needs, furniture, assemblies, exhibitions, stands, development of constructive and artistic projects … All our work is made in a large warehouse located at the center of Mallorca, in the Balearic Islands.

Once the briefing of the project is done, we take care of the design, production, transport and set up. The whole process is done under the supervision, coordination and quality control of our team. From start to finish.